For business clients

Business in a Galician setting: professionalism against a backdrop of comfort.

A good hotel is like a painting. It not only attracts, but also gives the feeling that everyday activities can be brought to new heights. The creation of such a hotel is therefore the creation of a real work of art. And this is how we treat our creation, which is Hotel Galicja. On first impression, the viewer finds professionalism and high standards of service. In the background, however, business clients will find the same level of comfort that we provide to all our guests. It is no wonder that even the most exacting of clients feel at home here.

Meetings, whether formal or informal, spontaneous or planned, have been part of our nature since the dawn of time. Today, however, they are taking on a new dimension, often having goals that go beyond the traditional framework. Trainings and conferences are examples. In order not to become tiresome or boring for attendees, to must bring something important, to be an inspiration for change & development, they must be well planned. And as long as you set the goal, we will make sure that you realize it. We will provide you with a place and conditions that are inspiring in themselves: we will provide an amazing atmosphere, a bit of finesse, a touch of luxury. Because that's our job and this is who we are. We understand the needs of our guests.

We listen closely, we carefully analyze, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done. We are all too aware that conference facilities are often lacking. At Hotel Galicja, we combine excellent acoustics, modern multimedia equipment and original design. With this combination, trainings and other meetings taking place in this environment take on a fully professional and aesthetic character, and the participants receive and exchange information in an environment that is both comfortable and inspiring. In this way, each conference, each training meets its goals 100%. With our selection of conference facilities to pick from, you will find the ideal conditions in which to host any event.

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